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  1. Village Office must be notified in sufficient time before moving date to prepare padding for the elevators, if required, and the moving occupant must pay a moving fee of $100.00 to cover the cost of any packing material removal, cleaning, damage repairs and replacement resulting from the move. This fee (or such portion as is not required for the above costs) shall be returned to the payee within ten days after the moving date. A $30.00 non-refundable elevator/hallway damage protection fee shall be paid in addition to the move in/move out deposits that are required.


  1. Moving permitted Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM only. A $50.00 per hour penalty will be assessed against the moving fee provided for in 1, above, for any hour past 6:00 PM the movers remain on the premises. Moving permits must be placed on the dashboard of the moving vehicle.


  1. Dollies must have rubber tires or rubber wheels.


  1. Elevator plastic ceiling panels may be removed during the move but must be replaced by the movers before they leave the premises.


  1. Movers must only hold elevators to load and unload.


  1. Belongings and furniture must be packed and/or crated in unit and not in or on any of the common areas


  1. Any and all packing materials must be removed from the elevator, common areas and the front of the building by mover and/or resident immediately upon completion of the move. No such materials are permitted to be discarded in the laundry rooms.


  1. Cost of cleaning, damage repairs and replacement resulting from move over and above the amount of the moving deposit provided for in paragraph 1 above, shall be the responsibility of the owner of the unit.


  1. Compliance with moving rules and regulations must be confirmed prior to refund of any portion of the moving fee.


  1. Trucks and delivery vans making any deliveries are permitted Monday through Saturday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. No deliveries are allowed on Sundays. Deliveries of food, beverages and medical items are excluded from these restrictions.


    U-Haul vehicles and similar vehicles and pick-up trucks will not be permitted entry until the driver gives complete information at the gatehouse as to where the vehicle is going and for what purpose. If vehicle is to be used for moving purposes, all the above rules pertaining to moving and movers shall apply.