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HOURS 8:00 AM TO 10:00 PM

  1. Recycle bins are located the Grenoble building and adjacent to the tennis courts. DO NOT LEAVE RECYCLED TRASH OR FURNITURE IN THE LAUNDRY ROOMS. CCV CAMERA ENFORCED. 


  1. Large boxes and pizza boxes must be broken down and stacked next to recycle bins. No boxes are to be put in the trash chute.


  1. Garbage must be securely bagged in plastic bags, which can fit in the trash chutes and discarded only in the trash chutes in the laundry rooms on the second and third floors.


  1. Liquid chlorine bleaching agents are not permitted in laundry rooms.


  1. Large boxes, large articles, metal hangers, lighted smoking materials and/or other combustible or hazardous materials must not be placed in the trash chute. Residents must arrange for removal from the premises, at their own cost, all large boxes, combustible and hazardous materials (fire extinguishers for example) and discarded clothing, furniture and appliances.


  1. All diapers and other such materials must be bagged and sealed properly prior to disposal. All such materials must be disposed down the trash chutes and not in the recycle bins.