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  1. If a unit owner is 90 days or more delinquent in payments of regular monthly or special assessments, said owner will be:


  • Allowed to lease their unit or rollover an existing lease with the stipulation that all rental payments be made to the Association by the tenant until such time as the owner’s account becomes current.
  • Allowed to sell the unit in question with all past due monetary obligations paid to the Association at time of sale.
  • Denied access to the property through the resident’s gate by deactivating their bar code. Access will be permitted through the Guest Gate.
  • Denied use of all common facilities (Clubhouse, Pools, Spas, Tennis Courts, and Barbecue Grills).
  • Denied voting privileges in all Association matters.


  1. Tenants of owners who are 30 days delinquent may be required to submit their regular monthly rental payments directly to the association office to be applied to unit owner's delinquency as per Florida Statute 718.116.


  1. Late fees and penalties will be assessed to the unit owner on a monthly basis for any maintenance assessments, special assessments, violation fines or any other monies owed to the Association past due on a unit owner account. A complete collection procedure is available in the Association Office.