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  1. All Apartments are to be used as single-family residences only. The Documents define "single family" as not more than two (2) persons living together as a single housekeeping unit, or two (2) or more persons whose relationship is as a family composed solely of the owners or lessees of record, their children, parents, sisters, brothers, grandchildren and/or grandparents. The International Village Association, Inc. is the only entity permitted to own more apartments than the number set out in Section XII A. 3. of the Declaration of Condominium and no unit may be sold to a business entity including but not limited to partnerships, corporations and LLC's. No person, (individually or in conjunction with any related other person) shall acquire, own and/or maintain an interest in more than four (4) Apartments at any time. Refer to Association Governing Documents for additional sale/lease policies. Read More
  • For the proposed sale or lease of an efficiency/studio Apartment, evidence must be provided to the Association that the annual income of the purchaser(s) or tenants(s) is $35,000.
  • For the proposed sale or lease of a one-bedroom Apartment, evidence must be provided to the Association that the annual income is $40,000.
  • For the proposed sale or lease of a two-bedroom Apartment, evidence must be provided to the Association that the annual income is $45,000.
  • For the proposed sale or lease of a three- or four-bedroom Apartment, evidence must be provided to the Association that the annual income is $50,000.




  1. For permanent occupancy, there shall not be more than two persons per bedroom. Any person residing in an apartment for more than 30 days, in any 180-day period, must apply for permanent residency, and be approved in writing by the Association.


  1. An owner who leases his/her apartment forfeits all Clubhouse and parking privileges.


  1. An application fee of $100.00 will be charged to all persons 18 years of age or older applying for residency in International Village.


  1. Lessees of units shall be required to pay a $400.00 non-interest-bearing security deposit (refundable upon vacating the unit less any costs incurred by the Association due to damages) to insure against any damages to the common elements. Owners shall be responsible for the actions of themselves their lessees and their guests. In the event an owner or an owner's lessee or guest causes damage to any of the common elements during the term of the Lease, the owner will be assessed the cost of repairs. Once the Lease is expired and the Tenant moves out, any costs incurred by the Association due to damages created by the Tenant shall be assessed to the unit owner less the $400 deposit left by the Tenant.


  1. The owner of each apartment is responsible to maintain in good condition, and to repair or replace, at his/her expense all portions of the unit, including the air conditioning equipment, water heater, patio screening, windowpanes, and all interior surfaces within the apartment, and maintain and repair the assigned locker. The owner shall not take or cause to be taken any action within their unit, which would jeopardize the soundness or safety of any part of the condominium property or impair any easement or right pertaining thereto without the approval, in writing, by the Board of Directors.


  1. If and owner is going to evict their tenant, the office needs to be notified by e-mail or in writing that their tenant has been evicted and the date they were evicted and what the eviction was for.


All leases cannot exceed one (1) year in length and must be approved by the Association. Renewals will be subject to Association approval.


  1. All unit owners and lessees are prohibited from making any alterations to the common elements and are further prohibited from painting or otherwise decorating any portion of the common elements in any way, which includes apartment doors in hallways. No alterations to balconies and patios may be made without Association approval.


  1. Windows of apartments must be draped or curtained with standard type coverings or drapes, curtains, blinds or similar type window coverings. No sheets, blankets, advertising material, newspaper, aluminum foil, etc., can be used as window coverings. No advertising or decorations may be placed in or around any windows, doors, or screens. Any cracked windowpanes must be repaired immediately.


  1. No hazardous, flammable materials, including, but not limited to, propane, gasoline, kerosene and similar materials, shall be stored in any unit, including but not limited to, patios and balconies, or in any storage lockers or on the common elements of International Village. The Association may store such materials owned by the Association for use during maintenance and the operation of Association machinery. This rule shall not apply to documented medical equipment.


  1. No occupant of any apartment shall obstruct or interfere with the rights of other occupants, nor shall they disturb other occupants by unreasonable noises resulting from the use of TV, audio systems, musical instruments, or other causes such as, but not limited to, animals in the unit. The maximum noise level in International Village shall be no greater than 55 decibels at any time, per the City of Lauderhill Code #14-22. Section 8C.


  1. No apartment owner or lessee shall permit any decal, decoration, insignia or identification to be placed on the outside of their apartment doors without the written consent of the Board of Directors, except as may be allowed by law.


  1. The common areas of the buildings are smoke free areas and smoking of any kind is prohibited in such areas.


  1. Tile and floors on the second and third floors must have a sublayer of cork not less than 1/4" thick or equivalent soundproofing material. All tile or other flooring installation must be approved in advance by the Association prior to installation. A full list of requirements is on file with the Association Office.


  1. Patios and balconies shall not be used for storage or display of any items other than bicycles and items considered to be patio/balcony furnishings. Patio and balcony screens must always be kept in good repair.


  1. Storage of any kind is not permitted in any common areas.


  1. All hurricane shutter installations or other patio alterations must be approved in writing by the Association prior to the commencement of any work. Only white accordion style shutters may be installed, and they must be installed on the inside of the screen.


  1. No cooking or barbecuing is permitted on patios or common areas. Barbecuing is only permitted in the barbecuing section in the nature area, until 10:00 PM. Please see section XV for rules regarding the Barbecue/Picnic area.


  1. Wearing of spiked shoes, use of bicycles, roller blades, roller skates, skateboards, stand-on scooters and similar recreational equipment is not allowed in any common areas of the buildings, Clubhouse, pool areas and tennis courts. The use of roller blades, roller skates, skate boards, stand-on scooters and similar recreational equipment is not allowed in or on any of the common areas of the Village. Bare or wet feet permitted only in the pool areas.


  1. Installations of hook-ups for clothes washers and dryers are prohibited.


  1. All apartment doors facing a common hallway are required to have an installed self-closing device, as per the City of Lauderhill requirements.


  1. Hard-wired, 120-volt smoke detectors, with battery backup as specified by the Association, are required in each unit. These smoke detectors must be hardwired on a non-switched circuit, as per the requirements of the City of Lauderhill Fire Department and must be audible in all sleeping areas. The Association will supply necessary instructions. The apartment owner must sign a compliance form. Batteries in all smoke detectors must be replaced no less than once per year by the unit owner.


  1. No potted plants are permitted outside ground floor patios without written approval of the Board of Directors. No plants of any kind may be planted in that area without written approval of the Board of Directors.


  1. Trimming of trees by residents is prohibited and can only be done under expert supervision as specified by the city of Lauderhill.


  1. Residents having work done in their apartments must instruct their workmen to park in the guest area near the gate and register at the office for permission to proceed. Air conditioner service people must always be accompanied by maintenance personnel they are working on the roof of any building to ensure that no damage is done to the common areas and that the work area is left clean of any debris. Residents must ensure that all common areas affected by their service contractors are cleaned up and left in the same condition that existed prior to the work being done. Any cost incurred by the Association for cleanup or repairs will be billed to the unit owner involved. No common areas may be used as a work area for any work being done in any unit.


  1. The hanging, cleaning, or beating of garments, rugs, or the like on the balconies, windows, terraces of the buildings, or in any of the common areas is prohibited.


  1. No television antenna, dish or aerial or any machine device of any kind shall be attached to the common areas or exterior of the buildings, including patios, nor be permitted to protrude through the walls, windows, doors or roof.


  1. Owners of apartments that will be unoccupied during the hurricane season (June 1-November 30) must have all furniture, plants and other movable objects of every type removed from their non-enclosed patios or balconies during the unoccupied period.


  1. No immoral, improper, offensive, or unlawful use shall be permitted in any apartment, and each unit owner shall comply with all government laws, statutes, ordinances, regulations, orders, permits, or other requirements affecting their unit.


  1. All Residents must deposit a key with the association, or shall state who has said key, that would allow access to their apartment in case of emergency and to allow the pest control treatment and maintenance inspections as required from time to time. If the association requires such access and no key is available, the owner will be responsible for all expenses incurred in entering the apartment.


  1. Tree Climbing is prohibited in all the areas of the property.