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HOURS - 7:00 am TO 10:00 pm


  1. No glass containers or food are permitted in any part of the Clubhouse, pool areas and hot tubs except during sanctioned Association events.


  1. No inflatable rafts, and diving gear, or similar related equipment are permitted except goggles, mask, snorkel and swim fins.


  1. All body oils must be removed before going into pools or hot tubs.


  1. Radios, televisions, music players, etc., shall not be played at such levels as to disturb others.


  1. No heavy splashing of water other than that accompanying normal swimming is allowed. Jumping or diving into any pool is not permitted.


  1. Fishing in the lake from the pool area is prohibited.


  1. There is no lifeguard on duty at any time. Use of the pools, hot tubs and saunas are solely at user's risk.


  1. No running allowed in the outdoor pool and indoor pool areas. No private motorboats, row boats, canoes, kayaks or any other kind of boat will be permitted to be docked anywhere along the International Village lakefront or canal frontage.


  1. Chairs or lounges shall not be reserved for friends or guests by putting towels or articles of clothing to indicate being occupied. If a chair or lounge is not occupied by a body for 30 minutes, it shall be deemed unoccupied.


  1. Persons who are incontinent or wear incontinence-related protective garments are not permitted to use the pools, hot tubs or saunas.


  1. The outdoor pool area and its environs are declared smoke free areas. There is to be no smoking in the areas bounded by the Clubhouse and all encircling and contiguous fences and waterways, which includes the outdoor swimming pool area and hot tub, except only for the grassy area east of the Clubhouse where smoking will be permitted.


  1. Children under twelve (12) years old are not permitted in hot tubs or saunas.


  1. Children in all types of diapers or waterproof underwear are not permitted in pools. All persons not properly toilet-trained are not permitted in the pools or spas.


  1. Persons under sixteen (16) years of age must be accompanied and supervised by an authorized, responsible adult at all times when using the pools. Proof of age must be exhibited if requested by Clubhouse guard.