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International Village is a condominium and, as such, rules and regulations for the common good are established to guard the safety, health and life of individuals, to protect property, and to eliminate annoying nuisances that are contrary to standards of good conduct. 

These rules are designed to make living in our condominium pleasant and comfortable and to establish certain guidelines about our property to ensure its maximum value. In living together, all of us not only have certain rights but also certain obligations to other condominium residents.

Every owner, lessee and guest is obligated to abide by these these rules and regulations as a condition of membership.

Copies will be distributed to all owners and lessees and will accompany all new leases and/or transfers. Violations should be reported to the Property Manager in writing, NOT to the Board of Directors. No owners, lessees or guests should give orders or instructions to any of the Association’s employees or contractors, but instead must express their concerns to the Property Manager for consideration.

In the event of a continual or willful violation of any of these Association rules, the Board of Directors may elect to institute fine proceedings as per our documents, or take legal action to enforce these rules, which may cause the eviction of a tenant or their guest.

 The cost of this legal action will be charged to the owner who violates the rules or regulations or has allowed his/her tenant to continue to violate same. We hope this will not be necessary and that we will all cooperate to maintain our community at its high standards.

Our Rules and Regulations are not limited to what is contained on this document. If you require Rules and Regulations "Governing Unit Owners Participation at Meetings” and “Inspection and Copying of Association Records" as previously passed by the Board of Directors, please contact the Association Office.

Respectfully submitted,