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  1. Photo ID Card must be obtained by every unit owner, lessee and permanent occupant of International Village.


  1. A day visitor is a person who will not be on the premises of International Village overnight.


  1. The gatehouse must be notified of expected visitors in advance or the visitor must be approved by resident when he/she reaches the gatehouse; otherwise the visitor will be denied entry. Visitors must be logged in and a record of the license tag and destination kept by guard. Visitors must be advised by the guard to park in designated guest areas.


  1. Day visitors will be issued a large pass which must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle showing their destination.


  1. Any driver entering the gate without displaying a valid bar code, Association ID card or visitor's pass must show picture identification and be issued a temporary parking pass which must always be displayed on the vehicle dashboard.


  1. All vehicles not displaying the proper passes in a visible location will be towed at owner's expense.


  1. If a unit owner desires to allow a member or members of his/her family to use the unit on a temporary basis while absent, said unit owner is to advise the Association office, in writing, as to length of stay and identity of the person(s) to occupy the unit. This occupancy shall not exceed thirty (30) consecutive days.