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  1. Entry by valid pass only or signed in by holder of a valid pass. Holders of a guest pass are not eligible to sign in guests. There shall be no more than two (2) sign-ins per valid pass.


  1. Persons under sixteen (16) years of age shall not be permitted to use any of the Clubhouse and pool facilities unless always accompanied and supervised by an authorized, responsible adult. Proof of age must be exhibited if requested by Clubhouse guard.


  1. Clubhouse equipment is to be used only in the Clubhouse and only by persons with a valid pass or persons properly signed in as guests by persons with a valid pass.


  1. Clubhouse users must be properly attired with footwear, dry clothing, and shirts and other coverings as may be appropriate.


  1. Clubhouse and pool areas are smoke-free areas except for such areas which may be designated for smoking by the Association.


  1. Pool table (Billiard) use is limited to thirty (30) minutes per party when others are waiting to play. Valid pass must be surrendered to the Clubhouse guard to obtain cues, balls and chalk, etc. All such items must be returned to the Clubhouse guard before the pass will be returned to the pass holder.


  1. The Computer use is limited to thirty (30) minutes per person when others are waiting. Valid pass must be surrendered to the Clubhouse guard to gain access. The pass will be returned when computer session is completed.


  1. Recreational use of the Grande Lounge is limited to Association functions only. Other clubhouse areas may be rented for private parties with advance permission from the Association office at a rate to be established by the Board of Directors at its sole discretion.


  1. Players must wear shirts and use eye guards when playing in the racquetball court.


  1. Gym Free Weights: All added weights must be removed from the bar after use.