Registering your Account

Stay in the loop and receive communications about your community by registering on your community website. Get started by visiting your community's website and clicking on the "register" link displayed in the top right-hand corner.


Your information

Start by providing some basic information about yourself, like name, email address, and cell phone number. The email address you enter will be used with your password to form your login credentials.

Additional household members

If there are additional members you'd like to add to your account, you may add them in the "Additional Household Members" section. 

Joint members that include an email address will be able to log in and receive communications.

Since an email address is required to log in, members that are added without an email address will not have the ability to log in or receive communications. However, they will be displayed on the directory pages. To learn more about the different members, click here.



To represent all members that make up a community, there are different account types available for members to register with. Each account type has its own set of address requirements.

While some account types may require at least one address inside of the community, others may require at least one address located anywhere, or no address at all.

Depending on the account type you are registering with, you will be prompted to either add an address according to its specific requirements or skip the address section entirely.

If the account type you're registering with requires an address, provide each address that should be associated with your account in the "Address(es)" section. Designate them as being located inside or outside of your community and determine which is your preferred mailing and (if needed) billing address.


Finishing up

Once you have submitted the registration form, your account will typically be placed in a review center for your website administrator to approve or decline. Once a decision has been made, you'll be notified via email.