Types of members

There are two main types of members—joint members and specially-designated members. Joint members can either be "full" or "partial" members, depending on whether they have an email address. Read on to learn more about the differences between each of these.

Joint members

Full members (have email)

Joint members with an email address have the ability to interact with the website and be included on pages like the "Resident Directory," "Board Members," and "Committees" pages. They can also do the following: 

  • View restricted pages on the website
  • Participate in interactive pages
  • Be added to a custom group
  • Have administrative privileges
  • Be added as a page editor

Partial members (missing email)

Joint members can also be included without an email address. Since an email address is required to log in, these members will not have the ability to interact with the website or receive communications. They can, however, be displayed on directory and leadership pages.

Specially-designated members

This type of member is one that is given a designation of some sort. The types of designations they could have are as follows:

  • Child
  • Pet
  • Relative
  • Other

Specially-designated members do not have the same capabilities as joint members and will only display on the "Resident Directory" and "Pet Directory" pages, as well as in the "Members" section of the Admin Control Panel.